About Us

Capilano is the web development consultancy of James Robinson, a specialist in project management of internet development projects.

Taking the experiences gained from working within the internet field for 10 years Capilano meets the recognised need for specialist help for large redevelopment projects.

Very few companies contain all the necessary skills needed to successfully redevelop and continue to develop their online presence. Large technology houses can help you build the site, and large design agencies can make it look fantastic, but there are often gaps when it comes to best practice wireframing, usability, site structure and organisation, user journeys, overall project management, and keeping the project focused on the customer. That is where Capilano fit in.

We get as deeply involved in as much or as little as the project as required and have a passion for delivering excellent results for our clients and their customers. We can help by providing one particular service as part of a larger team, or provide a wide range of services for full end-to-end help throughout the project and beyond. We are great believers in continual development and refinement, and have helped trade and optimise sites long after they have been deployed.

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